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e-BIG News – Edition 28

e-BIG News Edition 28
Exclusive OOH PromotionsExclusive OOH Promotions
Liberate Brand

Re-energise audiences, reinvigorate brand trust and remodel brand ideas in the minds of consumers at cost-saving investments with the exclusive and limited-time promotions, the LIBERTY OOH PACKAGES. Be recognised in the KL City Centre, on the ELITE, and KLIA Expressway through landmark out-of-home (OOH) media, satisfying the curiosity of audiences and driving conversions.

brand bloomingbrand blooming
Raya O-OH-T-DRaya O-OH-T-D

What is Raya without resplendent outfits, trendy designs, shimmering accessories, and OOTDs? Hari Raya 2022 observed social-gatherings and open-houses where trendy audiences took advantage to parade their collection of Raya apparels. In line with these fashionable ideas, renowed fashion and beauty brands such as Bulan Bintang, dUCk, LILIT, and Swarovski took this opportunity to unveil their 2022 Raya collections, embedding recall at points-of-purchase.

Bulan Bintang reached for the moon and stars when they greeted road users, featuring larger-than-life figures in ravishing Baju Melayu through its talk-of-town anamorphic content on the CuBig @ KLCC Junction.

Raya O-OH-T-DSpectacular arch-netflix The Witcher

Meanwhile, dUCk and LILIT spread their wings on the bustling streets of Kuala Lumpur and highways, presenting their exclusive modest Raya collections. Swarovski, on the other hand, featured Datuk Seri Siti Nurhaliza on the extensive OOH media at TTDI reaching the minds of trendy and sophisticated road users.

Raya O-OH-T-DSpectacular arch-netflix The Witchervertical unipole-netflix The Witcher

These iconic fashion and beauty brands have enchanted audiences to increase conversion rate as proven by data that upon seeing OOH advertisements that interest audiences, 54% have purchased a product in-store or online.

Redifining Noticeability

Bio-essence created a glowing presence on various displays at the KL City Centre with their 5 Celebrities' Beauty Must-Haves. The mind-stimulating infinity mirror and 3D protrusions that were seamlessly brought to life became the focal point of the high-footfall KLCC Tunnel Experience and KLCC Convex Crossing, bedazzling its audiences and complementing their holistic brand experience.

station sponsorship carsomestation sponsorship carsome

Also, occupying the walkways were popular international brands such as Victoria's Secret with its scent diffuser and channel lettering, infusing a visual and aromatic excitement, while Samsung offered an immersive 360 brand experience along the bustling routes connecting Malaysia's No.1 landmark, the Petronas Twin Towers and Suria KLCC, to the KLCC LRT Station and the KLCC Convention Centre.

Charm exhibition patrons, corporate decision-makers, and tourists with immersive OOH executions stimulating the senses of sight, touch, smell, and hearing as they journey through these pedestrian tunnels, and drive call-to-action. Brands may achieve top-of-mind recall at points-of-purchase with impactful campaigns as a survey found advertisements on OOH media induce high recall rate amongst Malaysians of close to 80%.

Novel oohNovel ooh

Decathlon and Jurassic World made an impeccable presence in the minds of sports enthusiasts and movie-goers respectively with a refreshing and soaring anamorphic content on the CuBig @ KLCC Junction. Featuring a gigantic orangutan, city folks were left in awe as Decathlon brought nature to life on this substantial digital OOH media in conjunction with the recent grand opening of its new flagship store. Meanwhile, a life-like prehistoric dinosaur soared into the KL City Centre to celebrate the arrival of the Jurassic World Dominion in cinemas.

duitnow cubig klcc junctioniwc cubig KLCC junction

A recent study found that 38% of Malaysians strongly agree that they will talk about advertisements on OOH with their friends and families, also 49% have watched programmes advertised upon seeing OOH advertisements that excite them.

bringing lifebringing life
duitnow cubig klcc junctioniwc cubig KLCC junction

Cuckoo recently established a strong brand presence and recall on integrated OOH solutions at key locations in KL City Centre and intracity highways as they unveil their latest innovative products and newly appointed ambassador, Lee Minho. An impactful execution was created featuring a famous personality, as proven in a study that 39% of Malaysians find OOH advertisements displaying famous celebrities to be more memorable.


Concurrently, Sunlife lived by its brand championing lines, "Menceriakan Kehidupan Anda", emitting illuminative ideas on OOH formats along high traffic roads in Klang Valley, reaching out to affluent demographics of PMEBs, and high-spending urbanites. It was an adeptly initiative to garner audience trust and confidence, as supported by a survey that 93% of Malaysians have more confidence in brands seen on OOH.

integrated oohintegrated oohintegrated ooh

Substantiate a persuasive brand presence through dynamic and lucid visuals on the newly refurbished digital OOH media, CuBig @ LDP. Captivating the users of the LDP amongst corporate decision-makers, business owners, and urban audiences, this screen engages them as they travel along this intracity highway, and generates recall at points-of-purchase. The Halo LED perimeter extends its significant impact and allures road users to the attractive brand visuals.


*OOH Impact Study by Vase ai as commissioned by Big Tree (March 2022).

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