BIG RIDE establishes a stronghold of extensive transit networks in Klang Valley via the LRT, KL Monorail, MRT and the Express Rail Link (ERL), converging at Malaysia’s main transportation hub, KL Sentral. These rail concessions with KL Sentral reach more than 1,000,000 commuters daily, consisting of over 80% of total daily transit network commuters.

Commuters experience longer dwell time, with 68% of commuters recall seeing advertising in LRT stations. This has allowed advertising on transit networks to be more detailed yet engaging. The nature of commuters consist of mobility, high connectivity, and frequency, presenting an optimal channel for advertisers to communicate and build relationships with commuters.

Packaging consumer participation strategies creates a personal experience reaching commuters at multiple levels (emotional, physical and psychological). Engaging commuters holistically has 56% of them recognising the influence of advertising in their purchasing decisions; proving the impact of brand recall along their path-to-purchase.