News - 21.01.2020
e-BIG News – Edition 20
What’s new for you? Creative offline to online campaigns, new and premium digital OOH media, also Integrated Prosperity Packages.
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News - 05.11.2019
e-BIG News – Edition 19
What's new for you? Outstandingly iconic on the NSE exciting audiences. Impactful stories to share.
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News - 02.08.2019
e-BIG News – Edition 18
What's new for you? Engaging creative execution at KLCC Convex Crossing, upgraded digital screens and impactful OOH integrated sales packages.
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News Clipping - 08.04.2019
e-BIG News – Edition 17
What’s new for you? Bridging offline to online for your brand,or deliver brand messages with exciting media at premium locations.
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News Clipping - 21.02.2019
Look who’s bridging out-of-home with interactivity
Shukor has his eye on out-of-home possibilities! A cover feature on Marketing Magazine end February 2019 issue.
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News - 09.01.2019
Big Tree Bridges Out-of-Home Advertising with Online Media
In an event themed Bridging Experience, Big Tree, a subsidiary of Media Prima Berhad, has launched its latest out-of-home (OOH) solution, Big+; a suite of offerings bridging its OOH media with cutting-edge online capabilities. This new solution targets business partners, advertisers and media agencies.
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