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News - 22.12.2022
e-BIG News – Edition 30
Discover new digital screens to kickstart the new year and see how brands play with striking visuals and roaring sound to ignite senses when they advertise on OOH.
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News - 27.10.2022
e-BIG News – Edition 29
Take a step outdoors and uncover remarkable OOH executions that play with vibrant visuals, engaging content and creative installations.
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News - 15.07.2022
e-BIG News – Edition 28
Explore exclusive OOH promotions, relive the Hari Raya apparels OOH campaigns, step into mesmeric walkways, and observe lustrous nature and prehistoric dinosaurs through creative OOH exhibitions.
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News - 21.04.2022
e-BIG News – Edition 27
Impress audiences with the new and large Spectacular Arch @ DUTA; and explore beyond OOH brand executions.
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News Clipping - 23.11.2021
e-BIG News Edition 26
Expansion of Big Tree’s arsenal of Beamer Series; achieve double benefits with the latest sales packages and explore creativity on OOH beyond the norm.
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News - 24.08.2021
e-BIG News – Edition 25
Strengthen brand presence with attention-grabbing campaigns across multiple environments throughout the remainder of 2021
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