...OOH influences consumers throughout their...

The following is an excerpt from Big Tree’s article in MARKETING Digest Issue 8 published on 4 June 2020

“...OOH influences consumers throughout their decision-making process until accomplishment of purchases...”

The trendiest phrase for the year 2020 could possibly be “The New Normal” which explores the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic in reshaping, reordering, and promoting adaptations of government policies, the economy, societal practices, as well as other dimensions of human lives.

Though we are still observing a linear growth of new and active Covid-19 cases globally while Malaysia has executed initiatives that have proven effective in progressively containing this outbreak, the habits of the new normal has formed a significant foundation within our perspectives of daily living. However, the question remains on how much is the “new normal” actually new? Could a blend of media consumption of the “old normal” and the “new normal” build a more effective campaign reach and conversions?

Undoubtedly, consumers rushed to online shopping platforms to satiate their needs with essential items and other paraphernalia needed to fulfil their previous routine activities that are now practised at home due to the Movement Control Order (MCO). This too had led to a shift of advertising expenditure on online advertising amongst brands that offer online touch-points for consumers to be continuously engaged.

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