e-BIG News - Edition 33 | Big Tree

e-BIG News - Edition 33

We are proud to announce the launch of our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) campaign dubbed "Apa Khabar?" or #ApaKhabarBigTree, which aims to encourage meaningful connections among the Malaysian public on digital OOH in support of mental health awareness.

As the campaign name suggests, "Apa Khabar?" or "How are you?" when translated into English, we aim to leverage the power and influence of OOH to remind Malaysians to check in on their loved ones while allowing them to spread their positive messages and be seen on the streets of Kuala Lumpur. This CSR campaign offers Malaysians a chance to be featured on Big Tree's DOOH screens and to be a positive figure by displaying an uplifting message and photo of themselves across Klang Valley. Twelve winners will receive attractive prizes that include a feature on Big Tree's DOOH screens between the 10th of October to the 31st of October 2023, a WOWSHOP e-voucher worth RM50 and two free sessions with a mental health specialist that can be utilised either by the winner or to be gifted to a loved one.

Liberate Brand

PETRONAS welcomed everyone to visit ‘our home’ — a place rich in charms and characters. From the first step to the last, PETRONAS outlined an immersive walkway that best showcased the beauty of our home. This tunnel connecting Suria KLCC to the KLCC Convention Centre seamlessly transitioned between the Malaysian forests, mangroves and ocean, featuring unique and protected local wildlife using motion sensors, sound effects, 2D cutouts with LED backlighting and stunning digital capabilities.

Liberate Brand

The walkway started and ended with a picturesque preview of a more sustainable home, a Net Zero Asia, to remind everyone of the need to protect the natural beauty that is already ‘our home’ through sustainable and innovative means. Using creative storytelling, tunnel domination, sound effects and motion sensors, PETRONAS encouraged every passerby to join the cause, one eager step at a time.

Where OOH ads meet strategy - McDonald’s not only displayed crunchy, mouth-watering ads on the insides of the LRT trains along the Kelana Jaya line but bolstered their branding with their signature tune along the LRT stops. A truly #BukanMacamBiasa brilliance!

Not only did McDonald’s stand out from the norm, but their ultimate strategy to garner repeated brand recall amongst commuters was plain genius when their campaign’s signature tune was infused in the train’s official announcements. McDonald’s complemented this powerful feature by displaying their nearest outlets on a route map throughout their Kelana Jaya Line branded trains.

The simultaneous engagement of hearing and sight of commuters who are working adults, metropolitan students and trendy shoppers only prompt them to drop by the nearest outlets to grab their meals on the go!

Behold the allure of high-end brands taking centre stage on the prideful canvases of OOH media throughout Kuala Lumpur.

Unveiling new dimensions of luxury beyond boutiques, showrooms and runways, these towering testaments act as more than just advertisements - an invitation to audiences to immerse themselves in the world of refinement through premium street furniture. Increasing visibility and brand exposure outdoors, these exclusive brands engage with high-end trendy shoppers, business owners, fashionistas, and simply any sybarites!

While they also stir up the masses' desires to be part of this high-end living community, a recent study on general OOH advertising proved that 94% of audiences find brands displayed on OOH media improve their impression of the brands.

This is an excellent fusion of fashion and architecture!

UOB dominates the LRT Bandaraya, instilling unmissable brand recall among commuters and road users at Jalan Raja Laut.

Wrapping the insides and externals of the LRT train station that sees millions of audiences a month is indeed a strategic move by UOB to offer a 360 brand experience and simultaneously reach out to a variety of audiences - working fresh graduates, PMEBs, business owners, investors and potential customers. Also, with their HQ nearby, UOB made an intelligent move by maximising brand recognition and stamping a territorial mark here.

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