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e-BIG News – Edition 29

e-BIG News Edition 28
CuBig @ Federal HighwayCuBig @ Federal Highway
Bright. Bold. Breathtaking

With a towering dual-panelled digital display situated along one of Klang Valley's busiest highways, gain unparalleled access to consumers via CuBig @ Federal Highway, Big Tree’s latest digital out-of-home media. Advertisers may influence commuters from the surrounding landmarks and dense commercial and residential areas travelling to and from Shah Alam, Subang Jaya, Petaling Jaya and KL City centre with large, glittering content on OOH.

Mask up and Suit up for Another Grandiose HeistMask up and Suit up for Another Grandiose Heist

Netflix Malaysia’s immersive OOH campaign invited commuters to stack up on Unified Korean banknote stickers and to scan the QR code present on each sticker to join a Money Heist-themed escape room.

“It was clear that everyone on the train smelled the same thing. It was the smell of hope.” – Tokyo

Liberate Brand

Hope was indeed the smell that lingered in the halls of the LRT station for this fascinating campaign that attracted students, trendy youths and working adults who excitedly stripped the wall clean. A recent study has proven that 62% of Malaysians would scan a QR code on an OOH advertisement to get more information about the brand, product or promotion.

Behold, the Power of DominationBehold, the Power of Domination

Honda speaks true to their words when they say “Dominasi Prestasi”; complementing the red arches on the Spectacular Arch @ Federal Highway with reds of their own, Honda promotes two of their new sexy rides with strong visuals and even stronger brand messages.

This riveting campaign fueled and captivated users of the Federal Highway as studies have shown that more than 50% of Malaysians would find OOH advertisements that feature striking colours and catchy slogans to be more memorable*.

Colgate Greets Klang Valley with Loud Smiles Right From The HeartColgate Greets Klang Valley with Loud Smiles Right From The Heart
Liberate Brand

In conjunction with their O2 Optic White toothpaste product launch, Colgate features the biggest and brightest smiles of their key opinion leaders, proffering a strong brand message of being our most beautiful when we smile unguardedly from our hearts.

Leveraging on the findings that about 80% of Malaysians are able to recall advertisements seen on OOH, Colgate displays their inexorable content on a sequence of DOOH media which induces multiple impacts and augments recall amongst trendy shoppers, fashionistas, corporate executives, business owners and urbanites.

As Colgate lustrously illuminates brand remembrance, audiences continuously shine their sparkling pearly-white smiles.

Make a Wish on OOH!Make a Wish on OOH!
station sponsorship carsomestation sponsorship carsome

Take out the birthday cake, blow out the candles and… make a wish on OOH!

Malaysian fans of international superstars are now putting on their creative hats to stunningly broadcast their beloved idol’s special day; fans self-produce bespoke birthday messages and advertise them on digital and static out-of-home (OOH).

This meaningful interaction between fans and idols not only showcases the love and gratitude shared by fans for the latter party but also publicises the idol as studies have shown that 39% of Malaysians found OOH advertisements that feature famous celebrities more memorable.


*OOH Impact Study by Vase ai as commissioned by Big Tree (March 2022).

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