e-BIG News – Edition 25

Strengthen brand presence with attention-grabbing campaigns across multiple environments throughout the remainder of 2021. Amplify marketing effectiveness and fulfill campaign objectives via specially curated multi-dimensional OOH solutions to magnify brand influence amongst different demographics.


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Bukit Bintang boasts an impressive collection of sophisticated shopping destinations, high-end hotels, premium offices, and trendy eateries. Further elevating the status of this iconic location is the Bukit Bintang Scramble Crossing, a new all-direction pedestrian crossing at the junction of Jalan Bukit Bintang and Jalan Sultan Ismail. This crossing allows pedestrians to cross the streets in all directions simultaneously, while ensuring the safety and convenience of the over 3 million consumers who visit this area monthly.

Advertisers may tap into an extensive point of convergence by instituting brand dominance at this distinguished location; achieving maximum cut-through in the audience’s immediate line of sight. Furthermore, the ample waiting time of pedestrians and motorists increases their susceptibility to brand messages and further drives conversions.
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Generate heightened brand visibility via Big Tree’s suite of cutting-edge digital OOH (DOOH) formats, which are centrally located in premium areas, and along major roads. Advertisers may deliver a singular brand message for augmented impact, or multiple messages to maximise branding opportunities and to induce strong recall during key moments such as at points-of-purchase.

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