e-BIG News – Edition 22

Gibraltar BSN created a brand landmark via a holistic station domination at Abdullah Hukum LRT station. This station serves the thriving corporate and residential development of KL Eco City where the Gibraltar BSN headquarters is located.

The choice to appear along the Klang Valley integrated transit lines, which primarily engages young professionals, burgeoning entrepreneurs, and tech-savvy youths, is parallel to Gibraltar BSN's vision of providing accessible protection solutions for Malaysians of various backgrounds.

They firstly imparted a strong sense of brand trust by enveloping consumers in unmissable branding featuring their signature colours, as well as delivering multiple brand messages on the suite of media within the LRT station. They then increased their reach with a network of lightboxes to facilitate brand recall, and to achieve instant conversions.

"We get people telling us that they have seen our brand as they come through the Abdullah Hukum LRT Station or as they were taking a ride on the line (Kelana Jaya LRT Line). This has contributed in helping us increase visibility and brand recognition," Susan Ong, Chief Marketing Officer, Gibraltar BSN.

Gibraltar BSN also engaged road users with a large and vibrant wall graphic visible from the New Pantai Expressway, a major road that links suburban areas such as Puchong and Subang Jaya to the Kuala Lumpur City Centre.
Strategically present your brand on the newly established Digital Tower Series @ SPRINT, which consists of five large digital screens with crisp, high-definition resolution perfect for the delivery of exciting visuals imbued with powerful branding.

The screens dominate the stretch of SPRINT Highway that connects the affluent communities of Mont Kiara, Hartamas, Bukit Damansara, and Petaling Jaya to the business and retail hubs in Bangsar and in the Kuala Lumpur City Centre.

Brands may leverage on this sequence of screens to maximise branding opportunities by either exhibiting repeated campaign visuals for augmented impact, or by featuring different products or unique selling points of a product to impart a strong sense of brand trust onto the aforementioned communities, made up of corporate professionals, high spending shoppers, and trendy youngsters.
Seamlessly insert your unique branding into the minds of the distinguished Jalan Bangsar crowd, made up of business owners, and corporate decision makers, with stunning messages on the upgraded CuBig Series @ Jalan Bangsar.

This series of screens now feature seamless edges that provide extra advertising space for maximum branding opportunities. Companies may encourage increased call-to-action by including points of contact for consumers on these edges. Moreoever, repeated visuals on these large screens support strong brand recall amongst consumers.

The CuBig Series @ Jalan Bangsar, which is strategically located at the traffic light intersection of Jalan Bangsar and Jalan Maarof, effectively impacts motorists during their extended dwell time in traffic. Furthermore, this major throughway is linked to the Federal Highway, New Pantai Expressway, and Jalan Tuanku Abdul Halim; all of which experience daily volumes of high traffic coming from other major cities and townships such as Subang Jaya, Puchong, and Hartamas.

As Malaysia's leading OOH specialist, Big Tree continuously strives to ensure our technology meets international standards of innovation. The screens of the newly upgraded Cosmic Towers @ KL Sentral now feature crisper, higher-definition resolution; presenting brilliant opportunities for brands targeting the combined audiences of KL Sentral, Malaysia's busiest integrated transit hub, and Nu Sentral, Malaysia's premier transumer lifestyle mall.

Influence these consumers, made up of corporate decision-makers, trendy shoppers, and tech-savvy youngsters, via engaging visuals on these large screens to instill brand trust and to drive immediate call-to-action. Brands may also leverage on the dual-screen synchronisation and audiovisual capabilities to provide a greater experience for brand message delivery.
Achieve enduring brand presence via OOH with our Timeless Presence promotions, which leverage the unique strengths of OOH to establish perpetual brand recognition amongst the public in their daily lives; sparking curiousity in new audiences, and fortifying existing consumer relationships.

Timeless Presence 1.0 had successfully supported multiple brands in attaining their campaign objectives. Hence, Big Tree aims to continue to be a part of these success stories
through the Timeless Presence 2.0 promotions, which were strategically designed to fuel strong brand awareness and to achieve successful conversions. These special promotions are available for a limited time only. Please contact us for you to create everlasting brand presence with these special deals.

Be Timeless. Be Present.

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