e-BIG News – Edition 20

Explore your brand’s fullest potential with a holistic Station Sponsorship media takeover, which provides comprehensive coverage across different formats throughout the selected station. Submerge commuters with a 360 view of branded ideas on media such as wall graphics, stair graphics and even ceiling graphics, and entice them further with 2D visual protrusions. brands will be seamlessly positioned in a commuter’s daily journey, hence, imprinting strong brand belonging and promoting effective brand recall.

With Station Sponsorship, brands are able to establish their landmark on the LRT and KL Monorail lines, which serve a total of nearly half a million commuters daily. Brands will also be able to heighten their initiatives to reach an array of audiences; from PMEBs to high-spending shoppers and trendy youths across all regions of the Klang Valley.

Achieve maximum consumer engagement by delivering contextual brand messages to affluent KLites on the vibrant screen of the CuBig @ Jalan Sultan Ismail. Take advantage of its strategic placement at the intersection of Jalan Sultan Ismail and Jalan Raja Abdullah, which experiences high volumes of traffic daily, to engage top business leaders from surrounding high-end offices, trendy shoppers from the nearby Quill City Mall, and other tech-savvy locals of Malaysia’s capital city. This intersection also serves the high volume traffic entering AKLEH, a key route for the affluent population residing in Ampang and its surrounding areas.

Seize this golden opportunity to deliver impactful branding in Kuala Lumpur via the extensive dimensions of this digital display that is accented by Big Tree’s signature Halo LED feature, ensuring effective campaign delivery and the instilling of strong brand recall.

Bonia maximised campaign reach by taking a step further; packaging brand presence on a unipole along the Federal Highway with online reach via Big Capture (Geofence Technology). On top of offering stunning visuals on a large OOH display capturing the attention of the high volume of users of the Federal Highway, online banners were also delivered to their mobile smart devices upon driving pass the unipole - instilling double impact and enhancing recall of the Bonia brand. Audiences are stimulated for an immediate call to action by clicking on these online banners, leading them to Bonia’s online product landing page; hence, boosting web visits and sales.

Brand presence on the Federal Highway offers advertisers the opportunity to influence PMEBs, brand-conscious urban dwellers and trend-setting youths who have high disposable income. When combining OOH media with online engagement, studies have shown that 57% of engaged audiences are new or lapsed customers (Ipsos and Route, 2015).

For many, Chinese New Year is the celebration of giving, where they would give gifts in items of interest, or in monetary, either physical or digital “ang pows”. While others, it is the time of the year where they would shop and enjoy the promotional discounts offered. Some would enjoy the food and delicacies prepared exclusively for this celebration, and even enjoy

hosting open houses or gatherings Brands can take advantage of this heightened period of purchase by being present across every touch-point of the consumers’ journey, or even seamlessly accomodate to the trends of purchase while still remaining outstanding. Big Tree is offering exclusive integrated OOH packages at marked-down

investments for brands to engage consumers at all levels and across all regions of Malaysia; in cities and on expressways in Peninsular Malaysia, on the integrated transit lines across the Klang Valley as well as in East Malaysia airports.

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